Purple Elephant Productions – Equalities Policy

Purple Elephant Productions CIC – Equalities Policy

Purple Elephant Productions is committed to creating a culture which promotes equality for children and young people. We recognise that discrimination is harmful to their well-being and development. We believe that children and young people may be discriminated against because of gender, race, disability, culture, religion, language, age, sexual orientation and HIV status.

We promote equality by:

  • Creating a culture within our organisation where equality is at the core of all our activities,
  • Working toward the elimination of discrimination and bullying, whether direct or indirect,
  • Ensuring fairness, impartiality and consistency in all our working practices with children and young people,
  • Setting and applying the highest quality standards to ensure all children and young people have equality of opportunity,
  • Ensuring all staff, providers and volunteers are carefully selected and that they accept responsibility for helping to prevent discrimination against children and young people at our events and activities,
  • Not treating all children and young people the same but striving to meet their particular needs.

The effectiveness of our Equalities policy will be reviewed biannually at our AGM.

Dated: April 2020. To be reviewed at the AGM in April 2022.