About our family holiday activities

During each school holiday we run activities for the whole family to enjoy, with special events at Christmas. These are run in partnership with Fair Frome who provide a free lunch after the activity. We generally run activities on 3 days in each school holiday week and each activity usually lasts 2 hours. Parents or carers remain with their children and join in the fun. Each day will be different and might offer arts and crafts, sports, cookery, fun science, nature activities or even a magic show! Activities cost £2 per child (suggested donation) and meals are free.

Holiday activities are run by experienced activity providers, backed up by 2 family support staff plus volunteers, so that we can keep everyone safe and support those who need help, especially those with additional needs. 

How to refer to our holiday activities

Our holiday activities are only open to referred families; referrals can be made via professionals but we also welcome self-referrals from those with disabilities and additional needs or from those families requiring support.

Professionals supporting vulnerable families, or parents/carers of a child/ren with additional needs or disabilities, or in need of support, can simply refer (or self-refer) to our holiday activities by completing the form below and emailing it to  info@purpleelephant.org.uk